3110 South Maple Avenue. Burlington, NC 27215
About Us

Harvest Hills was birthed as the result of a tent revival on July 30, 1940. The church was organized with fourteen charter members under the name East Burlington Church of God. The dedication of this small group of believers became the catalyst for future ministry. As membership and attendance increased the church experienced several building programs, eventually utilizing all available properties. In 1996 a thirty-eight acre parcel of land was purchased, and in October 1998 the church relocated to its new campus at 3110 South Maple Avenue in Burlington. Upon relocation, East Burlington Church of God changed its name to Harvest Hills Church of God.

Throughout its history, Harvest Hills has been blessed with competent pastoral leadership. The following men, many of whom also served the Church of God in state and international leadership, have served as lead pastor of Harvest Hills.


1940-1945: Rev. L. O. Henry
1945-1948: Rev. B. F. Darnell
1948-1949: Rev. C. E. Westmoreland
1949-1950: Rev. L. O. Garland
1950-1951: Rev. C. Elrod
1951-1953: Rev. W. C. Lambert
1953-1954: Rev. C. W. Grogan
1954-1956: Rev. W. T. Ogden
1956-1958: Rev. G. C. Timmerman
1958-1960: Rev. W. C. Lee
1960-1963: Rev. H. T. Durden
1963-1968: Rev. I. C. Morris Jr
1968-1970: Rev. Bill Sheeks
1970-1971: Rev. B. E. Ellis
1971-1974: Rev. E. H. Miles
1974-1977: Rev. Joseph E. Hayes
1977-1978: Rev. J. D. Allen
1978-1991: Rev. Troy M. Rushing
1991-1996: Rev. L. Dennis Page
1996-1997: Rev. Donald F. Whichard
1997-2000: Rev. Jerry W. Tow
2000-Present: Dr. Russell A. Morris